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Trixbox + AVM Fritz ISDN PCI Card

On trixbox, that you can download from here, mISDN is already installed. Hence you will only need to configure it.

Patton SN4120/1BIS2V + Elastix

Create a Trunk on elastix: Trunk name: 10001, PEER detail: host=dynamic, username=10001, secret=10001, type=friend, dtmfmode=rfc2833, defaultip= ...

The History of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol, abbreviated VoIP, is a fairly recent technology. It goes by many names, including Voice Over Broadband (VoBB), Internet Telephony, IP Telephony, and broadband phone.

Grandstream HT503 FXO Trunk

Even though we have used it in the past, we would not recommend it for professional use. However, please try the below configuration (update the bold values): 1. Asterisk Side, SIP TRUNK, Trunk Description: PSTN ...

SPA 3000

Elastix – PBX: 1.Select – Trunks – Add Sip Trunk, General Settings, Trunk Description: PSTN, Outbound Caller ID: YOUR PHONE NUMBER, CID Options: Allow, any CID, Maximum Channels: 1

Cisco 79xx with Asterisk SCCP

Which Cisco 79??. It could be a later model, which you could flash it so as to use SIP. Anyway, try the below: 1. Download and install sccp, Chan_SCCP.

Asterisk behind a NAT?

The NAT configuration can be found in /etc/asterisk/sip_general_custom.conf (on elastix, at least) and not in sip.conf as stated in other forums. Do not edit sip.conf.

Greece OTE netmod isdn bri pstn

For Greece, OTE, the signalling is ptmp. Hence, the configs below apply for ISDN BRI B400P and TDM400P PSTN ...